Bureaucracy and Fear

I was up early this morning. Just before sunrise the moon and Saturn were in close proximity, and you could see them both. If you gaze up into the starry heavens you cannot help but be filled with a sense of awe and wonder. Obviously something very large is transpiring, and it all seems orderly with a heavenly government to it.

In thinking about the planetary design of things, I’ve realized that there have been some interesting changes anent (concerning) Earth down through history. You can read about them in alternative history books or web sites like http://www.varchive.org. It may be that the planets and their moons and the Earth’s moon among other things haven’t always been where they are now. Where they are now is for the balancing of the attunement factors today. Back ten or twenty thousand years ago the factors and alignments were different.

Bureaucracy is the design used by most all of the governments on Earth. The controlling factor when you are operating on this basis is fear. There are so many fears out there used to control people. Depending on how big of a stick you have, you can take your style of government and force it on others, some times even in the name of freedom. The same principle works within the corporate world and often within families. A fellow Attunement Practitioner once sent me a list of fifty-five fears that people struggle with, everything from “I’m not going to have enough money” to “I’m concerned about my health,” to the ultimate fear, which is the fear of death. If you are fearful you can be controlled.

The human natured egoic state is all about control—getting things to behave a certain way.  It is an interesting quirk of the ego that likes to have everything anchored down so it won’t move. I suspect that is why we have the many laws that we do in this country. Laws are designed to control human behavior. When everything is controlled, nothing can move. That is called rigor mortis. Interestingly enough, many countries have laws about how you are born and how you can die.

Yet, if one gazes into the heavens, observes Saturn and the moon and the sun coming up in the morning, one is keenly aware that there is a different design, a different means of control that is available. In so many ways this is what I love about Attunement.  Attunement is the perfect vehicle for doing the spiritual work to release the energy patterns of bureaucracy and fear and to replace them with the radiation of love, the presence of love which comes with its own design and control.

Share Attunement and let love be made visible.

Attunement Blessings,