Who Me, Old?

Over the last couple of months I have received a few inquiries concerning an online Attunement course. This idea is intriguing and, on the surface, appears to be similar to many other classes that are being offered online today. Yet as I began to consider such instruction a large question popped up regarding the hands-on aspect of Attunement instruction. Seemingly this may be handled through a webinar, where various people connect with you via the internet and participate in a class as though they were present in the room. I still have factors to sort through before I offer such instruction online.

Last week a young woman, Cara, emailed me and asked if she could sit with me as I ate my lunch. She was exploring the idea of creating a healing practice. Several of her teachers had mentioned my name and as it turned out she works (does movie and video editing) in the same building as my office. So she came down from upstairs and we talked for the better part of an hour discussing various aspects of healing work and of setting up a practice. Near the end of our conversation she mentioned her movie and video editing work. I, in turn, mentioned a couple of clients in the building who create short movie documentaries such as the shorts seen on the I-max screen. Yes, she knew of these film makers and then with a smile quipped, “They are old school”. I acknowledged her comment with a nod and then she said, “When they edit they use film. My editing work is digital.”

A few years ago, most if not all of my clients would break out their day-timers or calendars to schedule another appointment. In what seems a short time most are now using their cell phones to make appointments. Many business people I see in the office have their calendars synced up with the corporate business (and their calendars) in which they work. It certainly has eliminated some of the guessing as to when the person is available for an appointment.

Yesterday I was reading the June 28 issue of Time. There was an article on poker I found edifying. Our country seems to have an edacious (insatiable) desire to gamble – poker for sure but all facets of sports as well. In the article was this quote, “The new breed of [poker] player seems to ignore the cards in his hand and instead bases his bets on patterns discovered by playing online.” The poker dilettante of the old style of play – where a person read his or her opponent – is passing away and putting many of yesterday’s champions out of the business.

I spent years working with my Attunement mentor – in hospitals, visiting people’s homes, teaching classes, and in the Attunement sanctuary. These hours, days, and years allowed me to refine my Attunement skills – perception, how to hold a focus, intuitive reading of energy fields, staying in the radiation, and understanding the nuances of human nature. Each person, each situation, is uniquely different and it has taken 40 years to come to the place where I am today. With each passing year my Attunement life is richer, finer, fuller and more capable of handling the larger aspects of the world. In an era that is doubling its knowledge and information every 18 months, it is interesting to be in a field of sacred work where the garnering of wisdom and experience is of utmost value. With the greater generation of spiritual substance (pneumaplasm) the reality of Being is more present.

I will continue to ponder the online Attunement course.

Attunement Blessings,