Attunement of World Consciousness

I recently watch a public television program about the Hittite civilization which had its dominance on the world scene from 1800-1100 BC. The Hittites encompassed central Anatolia, south-western Syria to Ugarit and upper Mesopotamia. This area is now Turkey, Lebanon, and northern Iraq. As I viewed this PBS special I had an epiphany (revelation). The television show was explaining the various attributes of the Hittite culture, noting particularly their innovative legal system and their unique agreement on how to select a ruler King. Both elements were new to the world scene at that time and these changes prompted shifts in ideas elsewhere on the planet.

Over the last few years I have purposefully acknowledged and given thanks for the many unique steps along my life path that have brought me to consciousness awareness. By consciousness I am referring to consciousness of identity, a realization of who I am and why I am here. No doubt, each of us can remember significant events or people that inspired a new way of perceiving and understanding ourselves and the larger world that assisted in cultivating our present state of consciousness.

My epiphany opened up before me an understanding that a similar route of growth and awakening is occurring for the larger consciousness of humanity. The one body of humankind has been asleep for the lack of a better term. The many civilizations down through history have been steps of awakening for the collective consciousness. Each civilization or culture or religion brought a new aspect of consciousness to the fore. Not only did the Hittites help, but so did all ancient civilizations like China, Egypt, Assyria, Israel, and many others in the East as well as the Toltec’s, Incas, Mayans, and Anasazi in the West. All religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Shinto and numerous other spiritual approaches have also contributed to the growth and awakening of collective consciousness.

It is amazing that many aspects of previous civilizations and religions still remain in the sleeping world consciousness while at the same time world consciousness continues to move forward towards its eventual awakening. Each new attribute, brought forth by the various stepping stones in the collective experience, while additive to the awakening process is as yet not the whole picture because humanity’s consciousness is still not awake. It makes me appreciate what was brought by the recent British Empire which was a world power for the last 400 years and today what is being brought by the United States. Carpe Diem (seize the day)!

There are multiple levels and experiences of conscious identity. Each is available to every man and woman. There is identity in the human form. There is identity in the Creator-Being. And there is identity in the Archangelic Body, the Body of Being; the I AM responsible for the project called planet Earth. It is this level of consciousness that is awakening through humanity. No person, no thing, no event, no civilization, no religion, no culture can stop the transformation. The moment and day such consciousness awakens, the ego world will pass out of existence forever.

Attunement is a great tool to generate the finer levels of pneumaplasm (spiritual substance) which allows our individual consciousness to participate in the grand awakening of the collective consciousness. What a great and awe-filled time to be alive in human form.

Attunement Blessings,