End Times

The BP oil spill continues to make the headlines day after day. Although there is now a small dome covering and capturing some of the gushing oil, it is becoming more apparent that this sad saga of environmental degradation will not end until the relief wells are drilled (estimated early August). A relief well is the oil industries’ final way to end a leaking oil well, an open bleeding wound in the earth. I worked as a civil engineer in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields in 1969 and 1970, helping to build oil drilling and storage platforms and laying pipeline – both oil and high pressure gas – in shallow (50 feet) and deep water (at the time 220 feet). It was the height of the oil business in the United States. I say that because shortly after that period production levels started declining even as usage continued to increase.

In the Hopi Indian prophecy about the end times, it is mentioned that humanity would poison the home in which we live. I suspect most would have thought of that as pollution of the waters we drink or the air we breathe. And yes, humankind has certainly done that in a multitude of ways. Still, the current Gulf oil spill has the potential to kill all life in the waters of the Gulf, Florida, the Eastern Coast of the US to Virginia and even into the mid Atlantic Ocean.

I am starting to see various written commentary about the vibrational impact of the oil spill. What is going on spiritually behind this mega-disaster? I think the Hopis were right; it is a sign of the end times. It is the beginning of the end of the world as we have created it. Our civilization is built on the power and ingenuity of the human intellect and technology which is largely masculine energy in essence. Giant leaps forward in the gadgets of ‘modern living’ over the centuries, especially in the United States, have largely been inspired by the various wars each generation experienced even unto today. It is as if the human intellect requires the sacrifice of life blood in exchange for another level of technology. PBS (Public Broadcasting Company) is currently running a television series entitled, “America: The Experience of Us”, which accurately portrays what I am stating.

If this is the end times, what is causing the change? One thought is the re-emergence of the feminine. Humanity is a co-creative partner with the Creator – even the feminine face of the Creator. Human Beings are co-creators, partners, equal in the purpose of tending, dressing, and caring of garden Earth. The feminine energy in everyone brings empathy, caring, nurturing, inspiration, processing, connection, and above all love; the ability to love and value every life form of the world. Handling the world through largely unbalanced (little feminine input) masculine energies has led humanity to the brink of self destruction be that annihilation, nuclear or a massive oil spill.

Can humanity express its feminine energies? I sincerely hope so. I perceive the millennium generation – those who are now being born – as being androgynous in their energies, balanced in their feminine and masculine energy. It is a sign of what is to come in the years ahead. Still what is to be done today, now? Let me share Attunement with and express my feminine energies and let the one body of humankind express its feminine energy. It may be the only path to the continued existence of human beings on this planet.

Attunement Blessings,