Oil and Water

The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the southern United States coast is filled with interesting and symbolic energy vibrations, to say the least. The ‘top kill’ solution failed and as of this writing, BP is on to the next option.

The current situation is particularly ironic in that ‘oil’ in many ancient texts, like the Bible, was often used as a symbol of Love. “Putting the oil of love on troubled waters will calm the storm” is something my Bible toting grandmother told me more than once. This saying does not seem to apply in this egregious (conspicuously bad) circumstance where there is a growing oily, sticky, suffocating mess along the southern shorelines, on the surface waters, and in the deeper undersea waters of the Gulf. Who could have imagined such a problem? — obviously not BP nor anyone else in this region. What was the ‘worst case scenario’ the engineers were prepared to handle? Whatever it was Life has brought something else to the scene. Why?

As I was recently watching the remote video of the ongoing spill (feeling sad, disheartened and deeply frustrated) I was reminded of a blood test that I received several months ago. The practitioner inserts a needle to draw blood from one of your veins. After the initial prick of the needle you can witness your blood beginning to flow up the needle to a collecting point (tube). There is not a lot of pain, but you are bleeding and you can see it. I have thought to myself that perhaps that is what is transpiring with this catastrophic environmental mishap. Perhaps it is not just a mishap. It might also be Life taking a blood sample from a sick civilization.

Author Immanuel Velikovsky (now deceased) wrote about world-wide catastrophes and mankind’s amnesia of such events in his many works (which came from myth and stories of ancient peoples and geological facts). I have greatly enjoyed his particular view and wisdom. (http://www.varchive.org) One specific event was the close encounter with what we now know as the planet Venus during the ancient time of the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. To make a long story short, one aspect of this close encounter was ‘manna’ raining from the sky (a gift from the heavenly Father). The manna kept the Children of Israel from starving to death. Interesting enough the manna had an oily taste. Velikovsky proposed that manna was petroleum based hydrocarbons. If so (and I tend to agree with his assertion), can you imagine thousands of pools of oily substance falling to earth? It would have been like having hundreds of Gulf oil spills. And in today’s world here is the substance that powers our civilization.

Change is upon the surface of the planet which includes us all. Life is transforming our world right before our eyes. Are the changes good or bad? Who really knows? So let’s not judge the situation. Yes, I am sharing Attunement with the Gulf of Mexico, but not so there may be a ‘fix’ that I or others would like to see. Rather, let me be in Attunement with Life so that whatever transpires in our world the radiation of Love will be present and have its divine influence.

Attunement Blessings,