Attunement Training in Kansas City

We recently finished our 13th Attunement Practitioner’s Course in Kansas City. It warms my heart to see such interest and response to Attunement. To know that there are well over 120 people in the Kansas City area (and a few beyond who have come to KC for training) who have learned about the Attunement lifestyle and techniques makes me smile. The people who have attended these Attunement Courses are not Chris followers; rather they are independent, blue collar and professional, single and married, wealthy and not so wealthy, people of integrity with an urge to know the truth of themselves – their own light!

Here is an excerpt from one student’s homework from the recent Course.

“Just so you know; the Attunement classes have given me so much more than just learning techniques and protocols to share with people. While I intend to share Attunement using the techniques, that is not the most important thing. Attunement has given me an anchor; a means to live spiritually in a not-very-spiritual world. I now have a framework to come to every minute of every day to keep myself centered in a place of love and light. “

To discover one’s Self, to share one’s Self, to experience one’s Self as a radiant blessing is fulfillment indeed. Attunement is a marvelous tool by which anyone may experience a shift in consciousness of identity and release their true Presence.

On my car’s license plate holder are these words, “Share Attunement – Bless the World.” How true it is.

Attunement Blessings,