Beings of Light

I finished the energy session with my client, a friend and healer himself. As I was doing a final sweep of the body following Attunement, he remarked how he had perceived significant heat and light moving in and through his body. He moved his hand in a wave motion to demonstrate the experience. Now he felt renewed, balanced and whole.

Attunement is a divine gift. It allows for a coherency to reappear even in the direst of circumstances. And balance is the key for me. Working with others to find the balance point and allow it to reappear again in their lives is inspiring and at times breathtaking. As the individual returns to the place of balance, his or her own healing and health energies can flow unhindered to address whatever problems or blockages there may be in body, mind and feelings. A new translation of who they are is then born.

As above, so below. ↕  As within, so without.  ↔   Balance.  +

A spiritual mentor of mine once told me that we are never the same from moment to moment, we are always new. We are Beings of Light and our nature is Love. At the balance point there is flow, rhythm, and the dance of Life.

Attunement Blessings,