Earth Changes and Attunement

Have you been watching the news over the past few months? There are major earth changes taking place every day of every week. Some are reported by the main stream media, however most are not. Some scientist say it is no different than any other time in the earth’s past while others, with an alternative perspective, will mention that the changes are speeding up and increasing in intensity as if we are moving towards some climatic point in the future.

Earthquakes have occurred in Haiti, Chile, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Alaska, Indonesia – many places near and far. There are volcanoes erupting in Iceland (which have trapped thousands of people at airports across Europe) and Mt. Garat in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. The magnetic poles are drifting (west) at an increasing rate which will be over 80 miles this year. The strength of the earth’s magnetic field has weakened by over 10% in the last couple of decades. So much change is taking place in the magnetic field that the FAA is printing new aeronautical maps for pilots more often. The ice pack in the famous frozen Northwest (Canada) is melting, as are glaciers and ice fields across the globe. While this may be a boon for commercial shipping it is a great cause for concern for the many island nations of the world as the ocean levels rise. One of the ultimate earth changes is the human population, now 6.8 billion plus and growing, all the while stressing (and depleting) the natural resources – water, food, air, material for shelters, sanitation needs, etc.

I live in the ultimate consumer nation, the United States. I drive a car, own a home, have a pet, and I eat my share of food. While my wife and I are always reviewing our lifestyle so that we are more “green” in our ways, we are still consumers -similar to you I suspect. What is one to do – buy a hybrid? Perhaps that is one place to start. I have friends who have done just that.

I have been working consciously each day with the choices I make in living, especially when it comes to handling the earth – water, food, clothes, pets, car, home, etc. I share Attunement with everything I touch. I bless everything I touch with my consciousness as well as my hands. I don’t have a silver bullet answer to re-balancing all of the factors on the surface of the earth. But I can bless whatever comes to me, and treat it with respect and reverence, giving thanks for the generosity of Life.

I choose to be a blessing. I live in Attunement. I welcome change.

Attunement Blessings,