Guardian Angel

Twenty people attended a lively Attunement Session this past Sunday. The dynamic theme for the conversation was the “ever-present guardian angel”. It was inspired from the wisdom and writings of Jean Hammond, a conscious Attunement friend in Colorado. Jean wrote, “When what are viewed as ‘bad’ things happen, someone might ask, “Well, where was the guardian angel?” We live in an increasingly mixed-up world, and because of the outer and inner tangles, sometimes things happen that shouldn’t, reflecting the fallen state. Sometime such things can be mitigated by intensifying the spirit of the guardian angel in oneself, and deliberately consciously trusting the working of the larger Design.” Words of wisdom indeed. And another quote, “Guardian is defined as: a defender, protector, or keeper; and guardian angel as: a spirit that is believed to watch over and protect a person or place. We are Spirit, and one job we have while in form on earth is to be guardian angels…”

The act of sharing an Attunement blesses the world. It releases the nutritional radiation of Love and this blesses (and feeds) the planet. The license plate holder on my car says, “Share Attunement, Bless the World”. In a time when so many aspects of human life are rife with turmoil, divisiveness, and breakdown, it is wonderful as well as comforting to contribute an uplifting current. What am I doing with my living? Will I add or take away from life? Will I be a guardian angel or consumer? Did I just use the word…consumer? Consumerism is what drives our country’s economy as well as the economy of the world. The USA is often referred to in business circles as the consumer engine that powers the world. (I should mention that China and India are not far behind these days.) What an interesting statement in light of being a guardian angel or not.

I keep my intuitive ears on full alert these days. I know there are others who are doing the same. Let me do the right thing and perform my creative best. Let me live in Attunement. We all need guardian angels in our lives.

A big thanks to all of you who are my Guardian Angels ahead of time.

Attunement Blessings,